Sunday, 17 May 2015


Lucien Reiss Hat £59, Sunny Hat Eugenia Kim £320, Straw Hat Maison Scotch £29.95, Paper Trillby Paul Smith £125, Pattern Visor Topshop £16, Blue Baseball Cap Christys' £39

This is a heads-up that I intend to make the blog a little less discursive going forward, so that both the text and the images are more notational in style.

The main reason is that I'm considering starting work on another project and need to free up some time.

It may last a couple of months, or it may last longer. But I'm hopeful (perhaps overhopeful!) that condensing my copy and my collages might mean I post more often.

For a 'heads-up', some hats (above) seemed apposite. Have a great week!

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