Friday, 28 February 2014

I've just been assigned two new, exciting tasks.

First, I'm taking responsibility for replenishing our international warehouses. The principle is logical enough: we look at last year's monthly sales and produce a prediction for this year; as we start to receive sales figures, we tweek our forecast; then we send the warehouses a certain number of month's stock, plus a certain percentage of cover. There's a bit of pressure: it can take several months for sea-freights to reach far-away warehouses, so it's important nothing is forgotten or under-forecasted.

The second new duty is reporting on the inventory mix in each of these warehouses. We want to make the inventory more reflective of sales. This involves grouping the stock on hand according to certain attributes (e.g. products that are a certain category, that are in a certain band of sales ranks) and calculating the value of each group. Then we compare our findings to our sales figures and highlight areas of concern. Wholesale teams on the ground will try to tackle these issues and, if my replenishment is good, the inventory will be truer to the business.

So new year, new challenges. I'll have to manage my time well, but it feels good to stretch my merchandising wings!

Weather-wise, my February has been pretty grim. Here's the sort of outfit it made me want to wear: grey with little a beam of sunshine yellow.

Next Two-Part Shoes £30, Sacai Luck Sweater £255, Twig Harry Blanket £98, Bronte Pinstripe Blanket £85, Twig Jessie Blanket £98, French Connection Distressed Jeans £89, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour £23.50, Poppy King Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick £22 (soon to be available from Space NK), Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner £19

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I've booked some tickets to see Casablanca in one of the railway arches at Vauxhall next Sunday: a slightly Valentines-y activity!

Casablanca is a film I've not watched since I was quite young, so I'm really looking forward to it. I've read a fair few articles about Ingrid Bergman recently and come across a couple more of her films. I really respect her; there was such intensity in her acting, and she had such integrity. The part of Casablanca when she explains why she left Rick in Paris, and asks him to give her the transit papers, will be wonderful to re-watch, as will the final scene when Rick insists she leave for Lisbon.

If you are wanting to emulate Bergman (I know I will be after Sunday!), here are a couple of good purchases:

Helena Rubinstein Surrealist Everfresh Mascara from £35 and Eyebrow Powder-Gel in Charcoal Grey from £28; Chanel Poudre Universelle in Naturel £33 and Rouge Allure Lipstick, Enigmatique £25; Burberry Nail Varnish in Sage Green and Pale Yellow £15; Paul Smith Silk Scarf £125 (this print is probably more 50s, but so I though it so beautiful, I couldn't not include it!); Moroccan tea pot (you can find one similar at the Comptoir Libanais)

So - happy Valentine's day!