Sunday, 1 December 2013

I was a bit downcast at the beginning of the week because we hadn't seen a big increase in sales, and when I looked at the history, I really thought there would be one.

I'd studied the increase/decrease in sales per week this year and I'd compared both sales and rate of change in sales to last year.  Everything seemed to point to some good growth – our weekly figures were increasing, we were making ground on last year's sales in bigger and bigger strides and, in 2012, there was a big sales spike over the last few days of November/first few days of December.

I was doubly disappointed because a) the dazzling sales I predicted hadn't materialised and b) I'd been wrong (I don't think anyone's overly fond of being wrong!)

I was planning to look at some more history... when in doubt, more spreadsheets! And, on the Tuesday evening, I undertook a little competitive shopping – it's always good to understand feeling on the high street... Afterwards bought myself a cheer-up book (see below - I didn't ever read Eat Pray Love, I must admit, but this is getting great reviews and it looked like a good escape!)

Then on Wednesday the sales came, yay!

Good Cheer-Up Purchases

Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things £12.99; What Delilah Did Libellule Cushion Embroidery Kit £45; Santa Maria Novella Soave Water and Melograno Bath Salts; Rococo Mini Bee Bars (Rose and Orange & Geranium), £1.30

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