Thursday, 14 November 2013

In my last post I described how, in early autumn, I put together a November and December forecast, per sku, per store. What remained was the getting the stock of to the stores.

We have stores of very different sizes. Some I send stock more regularly than others - if they have a decent storeroom, I send more, less often, to save on delivery.

Over time (quite a long time, truth be told!), the store managers and I have thrashed out an agreement on how much stock they should hold - their average sales for the period between their orders, plus a certain percentage we're both comfortable with.

So now I had to recalculate the levels of stock they should be holding on to, but instead of using average sales, substituting the units they were forecast to sell in November/December.

For each order we had scheduled, I used a combination of the November forecast, the December forecast and (for late October orders/end of December orders) average sales.

I'll be updating minimum stock levels in the point of sale system as we move through the next two months. Then, when orders are placed, the stores' current stock will be subtracted from their minimum stock and they'll be sent the difference.

Maybe next year I'll be forecasting with weekly specificity... though then there's be a risk that the sharp increase in sales when people start buying presents would come earlier and the stock wouldn't be ready. I'll have to ask what's best - what are your thoughts?

I try to get to work pretty early, particularly in the run up to Christmas. The French warehouse is an hour ahead of course, and I like to be there if they need to contact me.

Ruda Rings, Brazilwood and Vanadinite Ring; Nasomatto, Silver Musk £108; Bonne Maman, Confiture de Châtaignes à la Vanillee / L’Occitane, Thé Vert & Bigarade £49; Jiro Kamata, BI Necklaces; Bluebird Tea Co., Matcha teas from £15 / Annick Goutal, Ninfeo Mio €98 (approx. £85); Fortnum and Mason, Coronation Majestic Marmalade £6.95; Decadorn, Citrine Pendant £58

My morning routine keeps me going through the winter months - a bowl of porridge, a day-defining accessory and a stimulating-spritz fragrance.

I like to whisk some matcha into a little water at approx 80oC - this I stir into a cooling bowl of porridge and top with some blueberries, or nuts, or dried fruit - excellent if you're coming down with something and tasty too! A spoonful of marmalade (this one contains gold leaf) in the middle of your porridge is beautiful and delicious. When it's really cold and work's really high pressure, some creme de marron stirred through your oats is a great incentive to get up and out.

The mineral necklaces are by an amazing London brand called Decadorn. The others are by a Japanese designer working in Germany. The sustainable wooden rings are by a Brazilian one.
Silver Musk is by mysterious brand Nasomatto; Thé Verte et Bigarade is a calming concoction of green tea and bitter orange; Ninfeo Mio combines lemon, orange and figs, for some real zest in the morning.

In my next post, I'll describe the stocklevel checks I put in place, being a bit of a worrypot. Or perhaps I can tell you about a little work trip to Paris I'm on at the moment.

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